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Heath Morrison Superintendent

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About Heath Morrison, Superintendent

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Heath Morrison is an accomplished Education Professional and the Superintendent of the Montgomery Independent School District in Montgomery, Texas. He is also the former President of the McGraw-Hill School Group, as well as a former Educator. He brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of education roles, which includes working as a teacher, administrator, and leader within both the private and public sectors. 

Heath Morrison received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science and government from William & Mary University. After completing his degree and exploring the world of education, he ultimately decided to go back to school to expand his understanding of the education industry. He received his Master of Education Degree from the University of Maryland, before going on to complete his PhD in educational administration and supervision. His educational background would provide a major inspiration for Heath to pursue a full career in education. 

Heath Morrison originally began his career in the private sector working as the Senior Vice President of Educational Policy and Government Affairs at McGraw-Hill in 2015. During his time, Heath led a team in the development and execution of education policy by establishing and fostering relationships with associations, organizations, legislations, trade industry groups, and educational leaders in K-12, higher ed, and international. Heath was then promoted to the Chief Sales Officer of the McGraw-Hill School Group, and later to the President of the division. He credits his experience with McGraw-Hill for increasing his understanding of education and its crucial role in long-term success. 

Heath Morrison worked in a variety of education roles before entering his current position as superintendent. He originally began his career working as a social studies teacher in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he learned about the ins and outs of how the classroom dynamic works. He used this experience to provide crucial assistance in underachieving schools around the area, and gained a better understanding of how to have a positive impact on his students. 

Following his time in Fredericksburg, Heath began working as a Vice Principal for Westlake High School, where he further expanded his knowledge of education leadership. Before long, he moved into a full principal position at two high schools in Maryland, and spearheaded the efforts to improve graduation rates. Under his leadership, students at Thomas Stone High School saw a 39% increase in students graduating and having taken at least one AP course. To help recognize Heath for his efforts, he was named as the Maryland Principal of the Year in 2006, an honor that Heath is proud of.

Following his success working in the role as principal, Heath Morrison went on to become the Director of School Performance in Montgomery County, Maryland, before being appointed community superintendent. In this role, he supervised 34 schools that served 23,000 students. He gained crucial leadership experience working in this role, and helped prepare him for his next venture.

In 2009, Heath moved to Reno, Nevada, where he took the position of superintendent for the Washoe County School District. He would end up having an immediate impact on the school district, which led him to be named as the 2011 and 2012 Superintendent of the Year in Nevada. His many accomplishments and experiences have helped Heath become known as an expert in the education field. 

As part of his efforts to increase awareness surrounding education, Heath Morrison also speaks at a variety of seminars and conferences regarding education. He was a speaker during the REMOTE K12: The Connected Teacher Summit, which was hosted by Arizona State University in early 2021, which focused on how to approach virtual, blended, and in-person learning settings. Before that, he was a featured speaker for the weinar, Tips & Tools for Supporting K-12 System Resiliency into the Future, which focused on how education professionals can help students to build resilience in the face of adversity. He continues to participate in education events, and believes that awareness is a crucial component of expanding education opportunities. 

Whether serving in the public or private sectors of education, Heath has remained steadfast in his belief that supported teachers produce the most empowered and educated students. In all of his various positions throughout his career, he has prioritized investing in teachers and fellow educators for the betterment of learning. 

To learn more about Heath Morrison, superintendent, and his experience in government policy and affairs as it pertains to education and superintendent leadership, please visit his blog. To see the latest news about Heath Morrison, visit his press page.